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British Gems Cattery


Cattery british gems originate by blooming love for the british shorthair breed. After buying the first cat , i soon got tempted to buy a second one. How it continues , you can guess. Before i had my first litter i did a lot of research. Talking to many vets, searching on internet and asking many other breeder for advice. Almost 2 years it took me to start my cattery. By chance i found Faylinn. Her dad has blue eyes and for his color it is not normal to have. I learnt something new. Odd eye and blue eye with cats who normal don't have them. At first i did not plan to continue with odd eye, but i got fascinated with these unique cats. I deside to proceed with odd eye and buy some more to join our cattery (from russia , tsjechië, ...) They are so rarely born that you must search a long time to find a good addition.

Our vision:

Ofcourse we want to specialise in odd eyed. But this is not the most important thing. Healthy kittens are our main goal. We always aim for healthy and beautifull kittens. Thats why our cats are all tested on aids and leucose (fiv and felv) and pkd we test by dna. This is a one time test to be sure there are no cyst in the kidney's . Hcm we test by echo. Because hcm is a heartdisease that can develop later on in life also , we test our females and males on a yearly basis.

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